About Me

about-meWelcome to my corner where you can find my gorgeous handmade items along with quality sewing products. I started sewing in 2013 upon the birth of my second son and inheriting my Nanna’s sewing machine. From that moment, I literally have not stopped! I love it and I am very passionate about sharing the skills I have learnt along the way. Enjoy the website and any questions please ask.

My vision
When I began sewing I was always asking friends for advice. I also tried new products along the way. I am a member of quite a few sewing groups and found many questions were being asked repeatedly. So began the sewing products side of things. In my facebook group, I share live videos about how to use products along with tips and tricks.

Creating unique handmade pieces will always be something I enjoy. I do it because I love the feeling of finishing a stunning piece of work and I also love hearing the customers feedback (who doesn’t!).